Long-Term Care

At Whispering Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we offer a long-term care option that focuses on resident enjoyment and personalization. Our facility is designed to create a family-like atmosphere where residents can thrive and actively participate in daily activities according to their preferences and interests.

We prioritize social interaction and engagement among our residents. Through a variety of structured activities, we provide opportunities for individuals to connect with one another, fostering a sense of community and companionship. These activities are tailored to cater to our residents’ interests and promote a fulfilling and vibrant living experience.

As residents’ needs evolve over time, we are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way. Our compassionate staff assists with the changing requirements of each resident, ensuring their well-being and comfort. We also recognize the importance of involving the entire family in the care process. To facilitate this, we provide family support groups where relatives can come together, share experiences, and actively contribute to the care and support of their loved ones.

Our ultimate goal is to help each resident achieve and maintain their highest possible level of function. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that promotes well-being, independence, and personal growth. Our compassionate team is committed to providing the necessary support, care, and resources to help residents lead fulfilling lives.

If you are seeking a long-term care option that focuses on personalized attention, social interaction, and maintaining the highest level of function, we invite you to reach out to us. Let us show you how our warm and welcoming environment can positively impact the lives of our residents and their families.


Whispering Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is dedicated to fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere throughout each resident’s stay. Our outgoing and friendly professional staff work diligently to create engaging social programs and activities, ensuring that our residents remain active both physically and mentally. With interest-specific activities, such as musical performances, reading the newspaper, fitness activities, religious meetings, arts and crafts, games, and field trips, we aim to keep our residents informed, entertained, and connected with the community.

Additionally, residents receive a calendar outlining upcoming events, allowing them to plan and look forward to birthday parties, movies, outings, and other special occasions, with the comforting knowledge that friends and family are always welcome to join in on the fun and attend these events with them.

We love having local volunteers here at Whispering Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Our volunteers assist us with our activities and they visit one-on-one with our residents. Volunteers can also assist with religious and musical presentations as well as reading to our residents each week. If you are interested in volunteering your time at our facility, contact us today!

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